almost 8 months @ work

How time flies!

Almost 8 months @ this corp. now.

I've been through a lot,I argued,I complained,I compromised...

But finally I moved on , and try to be a better self.

Here is a conclusion of my work @ this corp over the 8 months till now.

When I first back to work , I really put myself at a low position , I did what I was not willing to do,

I tried to stay low and kept doing my best to do my job well.

But later , I realized where I was in now was totally different from where I was 2 years ago.

It's start-up company here , everyone was not professional as my last corp.

Salary's down , people unprofessional , hey man , it's really a hard time for me to get used to all this.

But I survived and learn the dark side of the working society , maybe most places are the same . 

Just I was not seeing all this then.

I began with my work and earned my respect from my colleage through 2 things at the very beginning.

No 1 : proved the seating chart for the performance

No 2 : write a new version of spider / scrap using python which I knew only a little 

After all this , I began to take over part of my colleage's job mostly the promoting activity pages.

About 6,7 or 8,9 activities are doned till now.

I helped proved the page loading on the front end by using the lazy loading the picture. [loading the picture only on the current viewport and load the others through scrolling]

I helped re-construct the activity model by abstract the same act using the inheritance Activity -> SaleActivity -> LotteryAct ...

I helped re-writing the wap site the cellphone by HTML5/css jquery and ajax techs

All in all , I reached the bottle neck of my new career as a web programmer again.

And all

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