introduciton of the q_overlay 1.0 version [2014-03-19] 置顶!

main object qinbinhua                                         [to be changed in the future] qinbinhua:{     prop:{},     container:{},     firstClick:{},                                                   [this is not the same style,really bad sample = =||]     init:function(){},     q_show:function(){},     q_hide:function(){},     q_close:function(){},     q_open:function(){},     q_close_init:function(){},     q_inner_click:function(){},     setSelector:function(){},     q_close_with_div:function(){} }; basicly it's a sealed overlay plugin which owns the flexibility to change the style of overlay to be shown and here is a pic for the default style guide: Further
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博客页面使用设计简单介绍【全图】 [2014-02-20] 置顶!

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Start of 2016 [2016-02-11]

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almost 8 months @ work [2014-12-04]

How time flies! Almost 8 months @ this corp. now. I've been through a lot,I argued,I complained,I compromised... But finally I moved on , and try to be a better self. Here is a conclusion of my work @ this corp over the 8 months till now. When I first back to work , I really put myself at a low position , I did what I was not willing to do, I tried to stay low and kept doing my best to do my job well. But later , I realized where I was in now was totally different from where I was 2 years ago. It's start-up company here , everyone was not professional as my last corp. Salary's down , people unprofessional , hey man , it's really a hard time for me to get used to all this. But I survived and learn the dark side of the working society , maybe most places are the same .  Just I was not seeing all this then. I began with my work and earned my respect from my colleage through 2 things at the very beginning. No 1 : proved the seating chart for the performance No 2 : write a new version of spider / scrap using python which I knew only a little  After all this , I began to take over part of my colleage's job mostly the promoting activity pages. About 6,7 or 8,9 activities are doned till now. I helped proved the page loading on the front end by using the lazy loading the picture. [loading the picture only on the current viewport and load the others through scrolling] I helped re-construct the activity model by abstract the same act using the inheritance Activity -> SaleActivity -> LotteryAct ... I helped re-writing the wap site the cellphone by HTML5/css jquery and ajax techs All in all , I reached the bottle neck of my new career as a web programmer again. And all
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一定要更努力,才能显得不费力 [2014-11-24]

人就是这样,为了挣脱不满意的环境,不断的提高自己,充实自己,及时不知道要去哪里,想得到什么。 但是唯一清晰的是此时此刻,不要这些,想摆脱这些。 努力吧,你会成就一番事业的。 因为除了这样,你还能做什么呢? 一定要更努力,才能显得不费力。 Alex Q 2014-11-24
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最近涨薪了 [2014-11-24]

依然忙碌,虽然有蛮多时候充斥着些许无奈。 但是日子还是要过。 人是需要成长的,看开一些事情,人才会成熟,才会长大。 最近薪水涨了20%。 往目标近了一些些。 路还很长,人生是一场马拉松不是一场短距离冲刺。 努力做好自己,乐观看待人生。 潇潇洒洒,开开心心最重要。 Alex Q 2014-11-24
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一定要变得更强 [2014-10-05]

今天是2014-10-05 见到了父母和爷爷奶奶,大家都老了好多, 照理来说,生活应该是越过越好,但是我越来越发现,我们家的生活。 我从大家的脸上看不到喜悦,大家谈着生活中的不满,可我压根插不上话。 我觉得我对于这个家来说存在感越来越低,我知道他们爱我,我也爱他们 但是,渐渐的我们的交集越来越少,越来越少。 我只知道自己要努力,要赚很多很多钱(我以前并不这么想,曾近的梦已经越来越远), 我要变得更加努力,更加优秀,更加体谅父母和家人的不易,尽力的照顾自己,在身体允许的情况下尽力去做到最好 享受生活,尽心尽力去生活 ALEX Q 2014-10-05
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five months from the first day [2014-09-19]

It's been five months from the first day to work. but I still got a lot of to do. Alex Q 2014-9-19
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HUPU的面试 [2014-07-24]

虽然一度觉得被大材小用,但经过Hupu的面试,让我重新回到了7点多到公司的良好节奏。 无论最终是否能够录用,无疑对我都大有裨益。 谢谢你,HUPU 我比你想象的还要棒得多! Alex Q 2014-7-24
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Good day for me [2014-07-18]

good day for me, already tried my best to present the best of myself but there's something which I could not cover right now, it needs time to accumulate. But anyhow,I already tried and I am proud of myself. Let it go by itself now. I did what I could,wish myself good luck! I will keep going whatever the result is. Here are the things which I could not answer at the interview: 1.class autoload 2.cookie 3.http header 4.OOD 5.linux related skills Alex Q [After visiting the hupu.com for the interview] 2014-7-18
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